Speak Out 7/25/10

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Going broke

SOMEONE said seniors had saved for their retirement and now are being made to pay for all these government programs. A lot of seniors voted for the president, and now our country's on the verge of bankruptcy. What happens when a country goes broke? Their money is worthless. If you think things are tough now, you haven't seen anything yet.

School upkeep

FROM a Franklin, Clippard and Cape Central grandma: A big thanks to Mr. Schaffner and his boys for keeping our schoolyards and playing fields so well-groomed in the summer. Not only do we have the best music programs, but our school buildings are a compliment to our community. Go, Tigers.

Animal rescue

THANK you for the great article about Laura Holloway's animal-rescue efforts. It is amazing the huge number of dogs and cats she has been able to save with her tireless volunteer hours. You can help too. Please spay your female pet quality purebreds and the mix female pets. You win by reducing unwanted pets and not having to deal with the expense destruction caused by unwanted puppies.

Used smoke

BUSINESS owners who provide smoking and nonsmoking sections should check out the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineer's "Position Document on Environmental Tobacco Smoke." The leading engineers concluded that "ventilation and other air filtration technologies cannot eliminate all the health risks caused by secondhand smoke exposure."

The tax cuts

A recent comment praised the coming expiration of the Bush tax cuts and was certain that taxing the "super-rich" would end the deficit. There was so many things wrong with that comment I don't know where to start. First, I'm nowhere near rich and probably not even middle class, and I've paid a lot less in taxes since those cuts were made. Tax revenue was at an all-time high during the Bush administration. Our massive deficit is a result of out-of-control spending, not a lack of revenue.

Right to campaign

CAPE Girardeau city employees can legally and constitutionally campaign against the proposed extension of the Transportation Trust Fund sales tax. Your employers are bluffing, and you should publicly call them on it.

Disastrous policies

THE Republicans have finally admitted it: Their plan is to return the country to the disastrous economic polices of the Bush era, policies that turned a national budget surplus into an enormous debt by cutting taxes to the rich and providing Wall Street with the opportunity to bankrupt itself and nearly bankrupt the nation. Folks who long for the Bush era should consider voting Republican. Folks who remember and have had enough of that should vote against the Republicans.

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