Speak Out 7/23/10

Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting coverage

INSURANCE companies are legally allowed to discriminate against individuals based on genetic conditions. They can deny coverage to an individual based on a condition of birth. This happened to me after I was laid off. Fortunately, Missouri has wonderful high-risk pool insurance, for which I qualified. It's a bit pricey, but I was thrilled to find that my state provided me something I could purchase. I have worked many 80-hour weeks in my life. It wasn't lack of hard work or money that prompted insurance companies to deny me coverage.

Health issues

WE have a disabled child, and we don't want to burden the government with putting this child on disability, which would be easy enough to do. We want to take care of it ourselves financially. The problem is we're falling between the cracks. For some reason, our insurance company is delaying coverage. Before, we always had insurance through the company my husband worked for all his life. Don't throw out rhetoric such as "Pull yourself up by the bootstraps." Obamacare is in place because we did not trust George Bush to handle the health care issue. Shame on politicians who are trying to draw attention to themselves by attacking the president, who's moving the country forward.

Across the river

I'LL probably never use a casino if it comes to Cape Girardeau. But if we don't get it, there's going to be one across the river. If a certain nightclub owner were still alive in Southern Illinois, we would already have one. Whatever you want, you're going to get one, but it may be in Illinois.

No sign of racism

PEOPLE are saying they don't like the tea party without knowing anything about it. The tea party is for smaller government. I've never seen any racism in the tea party.

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