Letter to the Editor

Casino would be good for Cape

This is in reference to a casino in Cape Girardeau. First, let me say I am for it.

I'm well over 21 years old and have been gambling for quite a few years. I have not become an addict, and I limit my meager spending. I am tired of having to travel to other towns for the entertainment I like, but I will continue to do so and give them my money instead of Cape Girardeau.

If someone wants to do something badly enough, he will find the ways and means to do so. You might be surprised how many people from Cape Girardeau I know or have met who are in agreement about keeping the revenue here.

As far as crime goes, have you read the paper lately? Maybe -- just maybe -- if people had someplace other than bars to go and not hang out on the street, they would not get so bored that they go looking for trouble.

Look at all the jobs and revenue a casino would bring to Cape Girardeau. To me, it would be an asset.

On the down side, we already have crime.

If it were up to some people, women would lose their voting rights, Prohibition would be restored and we would still be segregated.

Come on, people. Wake up. This is 2010, not 1810.

JEAN RABE, Cape Girardeau