Colin McLain

Friday, July 16, 2010

Only a couple of generations ago, world travel was rare and often limited to those who were considered rich. In more recent times, world travel has become popular among young men and women who want to explore the planet, learn about other cultures and satisfy a certain quest for knowledge and understanding before settling down to jobs, families and other restrictive responsibilities. And they often manage to do so on a shoestring budget.

Twenty-five-year-old Colin McLain had that wanderlust. His visits included China, Thailand, Korea, Switzerland and France. This summer he was serving an internship with the legal adviser to the president of Mongolia before resuming his law studies at American University in Washington, D.C. Most everyone who has had the privilege of knowing Colin would say he had a bright future in whatever field he chose to pursue.

Colin's life ended abruptly this month while hiking in a Mongolian national park. Family members and friends are stunned, of course, and have many unanswered questions about his untimely demise.

At his funeral Saturday at Abbey Road Christian Church in Cape Girardeau, Colin will be remembered for all he managed to cram into his short, positive and enthusiastic life.

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