Missouri attorney general wants to block state involvement in health care suit

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is trying to block the state from becoming involved in a lawsuit over the federal health care overhaul.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder filed a lawsuit last week in federal court challenging the federal health care law. Kinder, a Republican, sued in his personal and official capacities and is raising private funds to pay for the lawsuit.

The attorney general contends in a motion that Kinder should not be allowed to sue in his official capacity and wants that part of the lawsuit dismissed. Koster left the Republican Party and became a Democrat in 2007.

A Kinder spokesman said Monday the lieutenant governor has a statutory duty to advocate for Missouri seniors. The lawsuit contends part of the federal health care overhaul will harm the state's seniors.

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