Speak Out 7/8/10

Thursday, July 8, 2010

National strength

I would like to remind everyone of Ronald Reagan's remarks made several years before he became president: "The dust bin of history is littered with the remains of those countries that relied on diplomacy to secure their freedom. We must never forget, in the final analysis, that it is our military, industrial and economic strength that offers the best guarantee for peace in America in times of danger." This is probably one of the truest statements made in the last 50 years.

Another spring

TO James Baughn: Meramec Spring is beautiful and has history galore. That's where iron ore was mined. My dad farmed that ground.

Job discrimination

I cannot believe we still have discrimination against women today. I deal with it almost every day at my job. I am treated like a piece of trash by men at my work. All the men are higher up, while all the women are on the lower level. It does not matter how long you been with the company. As long as you're a man, you get the higher positions. Does anyone else notice this? Are we still living in the old days?

Great fireworks

I just came from fireworks at Arena Park. They were great. Kudos to the people who put on the show.

Call it research

In a stinging column from The New York Times, David Carr was critical of media organizations for indulging in plagiarism. The column reminded me of one of my favorite insights about plagiarism. If you steal from one author, it's plagiarism. If you steal from many, it's research.

Late-night fireworks

I just found out that Jackson allows residents to shoot fireworks until midnight on July 4. Has anyone given thought to those of us who have to get up and go to work early the next day? I have to be at work at 5 a.m. It is bad enough that parents and children are shooting these rockets at all hours of the night, but do they have to shoot them in the middle of subdivisions?

Off to Farmington

I have talked to quite a few people of all ages who have been to the new water park. One thing stands out, and it is something the city needs to take into consideration. Without fail, the people I have talked to who think our park is great have never been to Farmington's. Those who are disappointed or really didn't like it and say they won't return have been to Farmington's and say they'd rather drive up there for a much better experience. I've been to both, and I much prefer Farmington's. City leaders touted this as being better and people would come here instead. It seems that isn't the case.

Best fireworks

CONGRATS to the veterans for putting on the best fireworks show I have ever seen in Cape Girardeau. It was worth braving all of the mosquitoes.

Late fireworks

I know the fireworks display at Arena Park was a public service, but what were the organizers thinking? There were well over a thousand people who arrived between 8 and 8:30 p.m. -- most of them with young children -- who had to wait until 10:30 p.m. to see a 20-minute display. Many people left in disgust. Public fireworks displays are a wonderful civic gesture, but this event was inconsiderate to anyone who was not sitting in the stands watching cars crash.

Covered loads

A worker at the city transfer station also tried to charge me the $25 fee. I hauled some carpet rolls there that were strapped into the bed of my truck. He told me that I had to have it covered. He gave me a flier that explained the rule. It says that the load must be strapped or covered. We argued for a bit, and I finally called the police station. They said they never heard of this ordinance. I think this is just a way for the city to make another buck. Recycling trucks use to drive around with recyclables flying out the back of them all the time.

Fort D roof

I visited Fort D over the holiday. It is a shame that Cape Girardeau can't afford to put a roof on the building to honor the men whose immeasurable bravery and sacrifice made Cape Girardeau what it is today. It is the only surviving fort of four that protected the city from Confederate attacks. The volunteers from the Turner Brigade Association interpret during special event days. This would be another wonderful place for families to visit along with the water park.

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