Speak Out 7/7/10

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Economics ignorance

SOMEONE called Nobel Prize-winning economist and journalist Paul Krugman a "bonehead" because Krugman promotes the Keynesian economic view that during a recession the government needs to spend money to stimulate the economy because consumers can't afford to. I started to respond by saying the Speak Out critic knows nothing about this indisputable insight. Then I changed my mind and decided that the Speak Out caller knows nothing about economics, period.

Can't happen

COLUMNIST Byron York recently bellowed that the Republican Party is poised to "win by big numbers." I was happy to read that. Since that came from York, it made me feel more certain than ever the scenario envisioned by him will not happen.

Dutch skimmers

THE feds finally allowed four Dutch skimmers into the Gulf capable of scooping up 36,500 barrels of oil each day, or 146,000 barrels per day for all four. The Obama administration would not let these ships sail to the Gulf, even though they were offered four days after the blowout, because the sailors would not be U.S. union workers. Now, after millions of barrels of oil have nearly destroyed our beaches and wildlife sanctuaries, President Obama has somewhat covertly allowed the four ships and a huge skimmer named the Whale (which has not yet passed Coast Guard muster) into the Gulf. The Dutch skimmers take in oil, which floats to the top of containers, pump the floating oil to a sister ship and dispel the water back into the ocean (99 percent clean.) The EPA originally cited regulations against pumping any water with oil, irrespective of the amount or how dirty it was to start with, into the ocean. Makes no difference what environmental gain was accomplished in the process. Folks, our government at work.

The press is no more

I believe the Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they could see what the press has become in America. The press was given certain rights to be able to inform the American people, enabling the people to make educated decisions at the poles. Anymore, the press has been bent to the left or right of the political spectrum and seems more focused on entertainment than informing the people. There are few investigative reporters willing to provide a neutral or unbiased story. On the rare occasion when one of these stories makes it into mainstream media, the reporter is portrayed as the bad guy. The press needs to get back to its purpose and educate the people by doing their homework on the important issues. Like this one: Cape Girardeau has a crime rate that is three times higher than other cities its size. Where is the press on this one?

Fireworks etiquette

WHAT is the fascination with setting off loud fireworks during daylight hours that do nothing but make noise? And why do the rest of us have to listen to it for two weeks before and two weeks after the Fourth of July? Have some consideration for your neighbors.

Proposition A

PERRY County citizens need to support the Perry County Sheriff's Department by voting yes on Proposition A. If Proposition A fails, this could be the end of the sheriff's department as you know it now. Deputies are patrolling and answering calls with only one deputy on duty per shift, which is dangerous for the deputy and us. If two emergency calls would come in at the same time, someone is going to suffer by not receiving service from the sheriff's department. There is a possibility of there being no midnight shift coverage if Proposition A does not pass.

Pension agenda

IT is obvious to me that Gov. Jay Nixon and state Sen. Jason Crowell are using this special session of the Missouri Legislature not to help Ford but to consolidate all state retirement systems, including teachers' pensions, into one behemoth of an organization. Why would such ordinarily staunch political opponents come together on an issue involving the pensions of so many people?


SINCE Republicans believe that unemployment benefits are a disincentive for people to find work, shouldn't they also believe that occupying a foreign country (or two) is a disincentive for them to develop their own stable government?

Bus shelters

I noticed a man standing at a bus stop. He looked so tired and hot. Why are there not shelters near the bus stops to protect our citizens from the elements and to give them a place to sit while they wait? Yes, it would cost money, but our community always seems to be able to find the money when it affects people who are able-bodied and better off financially. This lack of compassion for those who need to use our transit system is incredulous to me, and I hope steps will be taken.

Traffic tie-up

TRAFFIC is stopped on Route W again. I've been sitting here for 16 minutes while a flag man is controlling traffic. I don't know about the people who are making these idiotic decisions, but some of us need to go to work. Why officials making this so difficult? Surely they can figure out how to do this without inhibiting both lanes of traffic.

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