Speak Out 7/2/10

Friday, July 2, 2010

Two terms

SELF-described conservatives like me can go on for hours bashing President Obama and his administration, but when asked who is their favorite for the GOP (many don't believe this is a conservative party, but there's no other game in town) presidential nomination in 2012, they balk, cough, begin expressing indecisiveness, talk at length about why they don't like this or that particular GOP presidential aspirant I suggest and finally walk away, eyes glazed over in apparent recognition of the strong probability that President Obama will be a two-term president.

Chain of command

THE person making the comment about free speech for the military obviously never served in it and is sadly lacking in understanding of the nature of the chain of command.

Prompted speech

REGARDING the comment about the president being a puppet because he reads his speeches from a prompter. Every president for the past 50 years or more has delivered his speeches this way. Other people help write them, and then he edits and approves them. TV news reporters read from prompters. I guess they are puppets, too.

Criticizing Obama

A recent comment asked for some originality in criticizing President Obama. OK. President Obama is an elitist liberal whose failed domestic policies continue to send us to the poorhouse. His foreign policy is a joke as he bows and apologizes for our way of life. He's keeping us in Iraq past President Bush's withdrawal date. He's keeping Gitmo open. He has added more to the national debt in his tenure than any previous president. He continues to authorize legalized torture through rendition. He continues to spy on citizens and has authorized the CIA to kill U.S. citizens without trial. Original enough?

Eyesore theaters

I want to know when something is going to be done with the Broadway and Esquire theaters. They are eyesores. Can the city step in?

Obesity goal

WE'RE getting closer. Missouri's populace is only a tenth of a percentage point from breaking into the top 10 most obese states. We can do it. Eat more.

Testing standards

WE are moving in the direction of national standards and a national test score for school students, so we won't have to continue to compare apples to oranges when judging student and school performance. Are Missouri educators leading the way in this revolution? No.

Gun rights

IT seems curious that Justice Sotomayor testified under oath in her confirmation hearings that she viewed the Second Amendment to be an individual right, then voted against that right in the Chicago case. Never trust a liberal with your freedom.

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