Speak Out 6/30/10

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Power problems

Getting electricity restored is not my complaint. Rather, it is the fact that with every breeze or raindrop the power goes out. And to top that, the rate increases every year.

Debit rules

BEST of the Web comments Sunday regarding the new debit card overdraft rules were consistent. None of them seem to have an appreciation why anyone would spend money they don't have. Equally consistent in their dismay is their possible underappreciation for the banking system. Whether or not you "have the money" isn't as simple as it seems. Before you decide that only misguided people overdraw their account and opting out is best, talk to your bank. You may discover new information that will impact your decision.

Shelter of Hope

I have read numerous articles about 5K runs for various organizations but no mention of the 5K run hosted by Realty Executives called "Hope for the Homeless." I want to thank all the participants who ran and Realty Executives for hosting it. $4,200 was raised to help get the Shelter of Hope going. Thank you to all who have donated time and money to this worthwhile project.

Complaining grandma

I had an elderly woman in my nursing home van one day, along with her granddaughter, who was about 30 years old. The woman was spewing a continual torrent of vicious, hateful and nasty remarks about her family members. The granddaughter just smiled through it all. Upon returning to the nursing home, I was outside readying the lift to let the woman off the van. I was standing next to the granddaughter, and we were out of hearing range of the grandmother. I told the young woman that often when people get old, their minds aren't what they used to be and they sometimes say things they don't really mean. The granddaughter said, "Grandma has been this way forever." I said, "Poor Grandpa." Granddaughter said, "Don't worry about Grandpa. He had enough and left her 25 years ago, married a wonderful woman, moved to Florida and is the happiest man on earth." I guess staying married "until death do we part" is not always the best thing to do.

Too much crime

REGARDING residents of Cape Girardeau who have fallen victim to theft: Why do we still think our circumstance to be the exception to the rule when, in reality, being victims of theft is becoming all too common? We need more police to cover the area. The police are doing what they can with what they have. We need more funding to police the surrounding area. Show our city that this is a problem. We don't want crime in our city, and the only way to get rid of crime is to displace the criminals.

Mutual respect

CLEAN-air advocates seem to forget there are other elements in the air that are dangerous. All they talk about is smoking. What gives anyone the right to limit another's rights? If a bar wants to allow smoking, you don't have to go there. If you choose to, then you do not have the right to tell that business owner he can't allow smoking because you are there. If that bar chooses not to allow smoking, a smoker doesn't have a right to light up without being asked to leave. Mutual respect is necessary.

Show Me entertainment

COME on, Cape Girardeau. We are the largest city between St. Louis and Memphis, yet the Show Me Center continues to offer concerts that are not that enticing. I am a 60-year-old female who would love to see the Eagles or Bob Seger. If you are with me, voice your opinion.

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