Candidate questionnaire: Rick Vandeven

Candidate Name: Rick Vandeven

Party: Libertarian

Age: 28

Place of birth: Cape Girardeau

Spouse: Darlene

Children: Autumn, Amber, Rori Beth

Occupation: Technician

Education: 20 years of earning a living in the private sector, which includes constantly adapting to the obstacles that the federal government has placed in my life.

Employer: Procter & Gamble

Businesses owned, all or part: The Nixon/Futz Garage Band Extraordinaire, LLC.

Previous offices held/sought: N/A

Question 1: Will you request earmarked appropriations for Eighth District projects? Why or Why not?

Answer: Earmarks constitute 0.00045% of the federal budget. Congress controls the expenditure of these authorized funds. Earmarks should return whatever portion of taxes that Missouri pays into the federal government: dollar for dollar. Currently, Missouri receives $1.40 for every $1 that we pay. Earmarks are traded for political favors. I will never vote for an appropriations bill that increases the national debt resulting in personal political favors.

Question 2: Should Congress repeal the health care overhaul bill? Explain why you support or oppose repeal.

Answer: I would support a repeal of the health care cost reform bill if the barriers that were placed on the free market by the government that created the conditions that are directly responsible for the high cost of health care were lifted. Any new health care cost legislation should include tax breaks for individuals that purchase their own health insurance or HSA's, and allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines.

Question 3: What three specific steps should Congress take to control the federal budget deficit? Why?

Answer: 1. End the costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and refund the savings back to the American people.

2. Audit the Federal Reserve, and start systematically taking away the Fed's power to manipulate the markets, print money out of thin air, and fund corporate bailouts and war.

3. Allow individuals to keep more of their money through spending reductions, and tax cuts as the opportunities arrive.

Question 4: Cap-and-Trade legislation would impose additional costs on companies with greenhouse gas emissions and reward companies that cut emissions. Where do you stand on this bill?

Answer: Cap and Trade legislation would not have any positive effect on the climate or reduce greenhouse gases. It will only enable the largest corporations to hoard the emission credits. The smaller corporations that do not have the political connections in place to ensure that the proposed environmental legislation is crafted to their advantage will be forced to either close their doors, or move their operations overseas. I oppose Cap and Trade.

Question 5: What steps should be taken to deal with foreign and domestic terrorists?

Answer: 1. Stop intervening in the affairs of other nations including the alliances, trade blockades and economic sanctions that result in blowback.

2. Close some of the 716 U.S. military bases located in foreign nations.

3. Dissolve the Dept. of Homeland Security, and repeal the Patriot Act. Allow the FBI to investigate terrorist acts.

4. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have resulted in a recruiting boom for terrorist organizations.

Closing remarks: The political ruling elite have bankrupted us. They tax us, indebt us to other nations, and print money to fund corporate bailouts, an aggressive foreign policy, and welfare programs.