Police release names of suspects in Stoddard County homicide case

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
This home, located at the corner of Spiker and Bowman in Bernie, was the scene of a homicide late Monday evening. A Bernie police officer remained on the scene this morning to keep onlookers from getting close to the crime scene. (Corey Noles/Daily Statesman)

BERNIE, Mo. -- The names of the two individuals who were arrested following the murder of a Bernie man have now been released, the Daily Statesman newspaper reported.

Allen D. McCoy and Angela F. McCoy, both of Bernie, are each charged with the Class A felony of first-degree murder, the Class A felony of first-degree robbery and two counts of the Class A felony of armed criminal action.

Both are being held in the Stoddard County Jail with no bond.

Allen McCoy

The couple is accused of the Monday murder of 67-year-old Aubrey Lee Finch of Bernie.

According to the probable cause statement filed by Missouri State Water Patrol Cpl. J. D. Johnson, assigned to the Stoddard County Major Case Squad, a witness contacted the New Madrid County Sheriff's Department and reported that Allen McCoy, also known as Smurf, had come to his residence and told him that he had killed a man named Lee in Bernie.

The witness then reportedly went on to say McCoy claimed to have stabbed an elderly man and robbed him. The witness also stated that McCoy had burned some items in a ditch in front of the witness's house.

Angela McCoy

The report states that three other witnesses were identified who heard McCoy state he stabbed an old man in Bernie and robbed him.

The witnesses went on to tell officers that McCoy told them he stole some items and took them to his storage building in Bernie. The report also states that McCoy's wife, Angela, was present when the murder happened and participated in the stealing of the unknown items.

"McCoy told the witnesses that his wife used the bathroom and when she came out [McCoy] asked the victim to show her one of his guitars," the statement reads. "McCoy told one of the witnesses that he stabbed the victim several times and one time he stabbed him in the back of the skull and the blade of the knife came out through his throat.

"McCoy sold one of the witnesses a blue-handled knife and a large Zippo lighter. The witness also sold McCoy a Honda motorcycle, which was later seized from [his] storage shed."

It was also reported that McCoy told the witnesses he stole a 12-gauge shotgun and a 30-30 rifle from the victim and also put them in his storage shed.

As investigators sifted through the burn pile in front of the witness's house, two keys were found. The keys were seized and later taken to the victim's home where they were found to unlock the victim's Ford truck and the front door to the victim's house.

The probable cause statement also goes on to detail an interview with Angela McCoy.

It says that during the interview, she stated that she and Allen McCoy had gone to Finch's house and stated that while there, her husband had stabbed Finch in the back with a knife. She reportedly said she left the residence and "ran to her vehicle."

"Mrs. McCoy said that about 10 minutes later Mr. McCoy came out of Mr. Finch's residence and got into her car," it states. "[She] said [he] had two one-hundred dollar bills in his hand and threw them at her. Mrs. McCoy said, 'You will need these.'"

She stated that he did not have two one hundred dollar bills prior to the incident, so she surmised they must have come from Finch.

Both McCoys are scheduled to appear for arraignment before Judge Joe Z. Satterfield on Thursday morning.

An autopsy was scheduled.

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