Tommy Sowers Puts His Boots in St. Louis Again

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A submitted story to the Southeast Missourian yesterday points out that the Democratic candidate for Congress in the Eighth Congressional District is going to be spending some time in the district he wants to represent. Driving home the point is a nice photo of Tommy Sowers... at his fundraiser in the Central West End of St. Louis.

Note to the Sowers campaign: St. Louis is not in the Eighth Congressional District.

Though hundreds of thousands of dollars -- more than 97 percent -- of Sowers' campaign contributions have come from outside the district, even he should know that St. Louis is represented by Russ Carnahan and Lacy Clay. The Eighth Congressional District begins 60 miles south from the location at which the photo of Sowers was taken.

But there is more. Following the St. Louis fundraiser, with General Wesley Clark, Tommy Sowers and Clark sent out another fundraising letter, stating that the two of them had just finished campaigning together in the Eighth Congressional District. Really? If that's true, we would love to know when and where they campaigned together. If that's not true, then add it to the utter confusion of the Sowers campaign about where the district is located.

Perhaps we can help. Above, we've affixed a map, with the boundaries of the Eighth Congressional District. You won't find Beverly Hills or San Francisco, Wall Street or St. Louis anywhere on it.

Maybe we can help Eighth District voters, too. Here is another map, this time showing where Sowers' base of donors lives. Hint: only one of these maps shows who Tommy Sowers really wants to represent in Congress.

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