Speak Out 6/29/10

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Need action

I would like to know how many things are going to happen on Cape Girardeau County Road 651 before the law steps in. Two four-wheelers were stolen and a confession was given, but nothing has been done. Men on four-wheelers have been trespassing and have hit people. Why call the cops? Nothing is ever done.

Special interests

SURELY you're not surprised. The special session of the Missouri General Assembly seems poised to do little more other than to further special interests while indulging in a little corporate welfare and crony capitalism.

Good education

TEACHERS have a difficult job. Many of them work on continued education during the summer. It is required by our state. As far as Missouri ranking 17th in the nation for education, I disagree, because the Missouri Assessment Program is a much more rigorous test than those used by most other states. Our nation is mandated, and rightly so, to educate all students. Therefore our test scores include the scores of students who have limited learning abilities. Other countries only educate the cream of the crop. If all things were equal, you would see what a terrific educational system we have.

Power in Congress

VOTERS, please take note. Watch how Congress is all about the three P's: power, perks and pork. Congress does not care about the long-term viability of this government. They care about the next election. Members of Congress get re-elected by sending money to their districts.

Wrong again

RUSH Limbaugh ranted on about how Americans "hate soccer" and how it is an "un-American" sport. Now we find out that the American audience for the World Cup was the biggest ever and that Americans bought more tickets to the event than any other country. Doesn't he ever get tired of being wrong?

More recycling

CONGRATULATIONS to Cape Girardeau on picking up 58 more tons of trash with the new recycling system. If Jackson wants to become a first-class city like Cape Girardeau, it needs to start picking up recyclables at the curb. Come on, Jackson, there's no excuse.

Wonderful air show

I'M still thinking of what a wonderful air show we had last weekend. I want to thank all the organizers. The shuttle system was livable. Traffic is always bad, but it went well, and I appreciated it. Thank you.

Speaking ability

COMMENTS about President Obama's use of a teleprompter are more amusing than damaging. Every president in recent history has used a teleprompter while making speeches. The way they speak during interviews and press conferences is a more accurate showcase of speaking ability. You may not support the policies President Obama communicates during these unscripted sessions, but he can clearly speak in an intelligent and comprehensive manner. In fact, another common anti-Obama criticism is he's too professorial when speaking. How can one guy be accused of both lacking speaking abilities -- relying on the teleprompter -- and speaking too profoundly? If you hate a person, you'll find some argument to support your cause. But is it too much to ask for a little originality?

Sitting ducks

NEVER in my worst nightmare did I ever expect to live to see the day when our men and women would be sent onto the field of battle to be killed and maimed, and that they would have to fight under rules of engagement that would make them little more than sitting ducks in a shooting gallery.

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