Dunklin County authorities look for child allegedly kidnapped by parent

Monday, June 28, 2010 ~ Updated 6:58 PM
Miranda Cross

KENNETT, MO. -- The Dunklin County prosecuting attorney's office is in the process of filing charges in connection with a local missing child case, the Daily Dunklin Democrat newspaper reported.

According to Prosecutor Stephen P. Sokoloff, the courts are charging Violet Martindale of Kennett with felony child abduction in regard to a parental kidnapping case involving her 10-year-old daughter Miranda Cross, also of Kennett.

Miranda was reported as missing by her father, Donny Cross, of Kennett, who was awarded primary custody of Miranda in recent court hearings.

On Monday, Cross told the Daily Dunklin Democrat that following the court hearings giving him full custody of his daughter, Miranda had a visitation opportunity with Martindale, her mother.

Cross said Martindale failed to comply with the visitation agreement and never returned their daughter to him. He said that the mother's boyfriend had contacted him to bring to his attention that Martindale had allegedly taken his vehicle without his permission and fled with the child.

Both men visited the Dunklin County sheriff's office concerning both the missing car and child. Cross said the situation became a criminal case, in which county prosecution and local police became involved.

According to Cross, local police have made contact with the child's mother, but have yet to confirm Miranda's location. Cross said information Martindale gave to police was questionable and misleading, but that he was confident that authorities would locate Miranda soon.

Anyone with information that could help the investigation is encouraged to contact local police at 573-888-4622.

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