Tommy Sowers Puts His Boots on the Ground Again

Monday, June 28, 2010

This July, Tommy Sowers will be continuing a project he began in January: Boots on the Ground.

Earlier this year, Tommy and his dog Chuck traveled around the twenty-eight counties of Missouri's Eighth District, spending a day and a night in each. Tommy also conducted "workdays", working side-by-side with residents of many of the counties: he was a teacher in one, a bartender in another and a chicken-fryer in another.

Sowers will be packing the truck and putting his boots on the ground again in July, spending a day in each of the twenty-eight counties of Missouri's Eighth. In addition to meetings with voters and more workdays, Sowers will be conducting Town Halls to discuss voter concerns and to answer their questions.

Said Sowers Campaign Manager Jonathan Feifs, "Boots on the Ground wasn't just a one-time event for Tommy, it's a guiding principle of his entire campaign. He's going to be out on the road in the as much as possible between now and Election Day. The call for new blood in Washington is resonating with the people of the district and our campaign is building a formidable organization to win in November."

Sowers, an 11-year Army Special Forces veteran, is running for Congress against incumbent Jo Ann Emerson, a former insurance lobbyist from Washington, DC. Tommy Sowers is the Democratic candidate for Missouri's 8th Congressional district and does not face opposition in the primary. Emerson will face a Republican primary challenger, cattle rancher Bob Parker, in August.

The county schedule for Sowers in the 8th District is as follows:


3 St Francois

5 Bollinger

6 Perry

7 Cape

8 Madison

9 Stoddard

10 Mississippi

11 Scott

12 New Madrid

13 Pemiscot

14 Dunklin

15 Butler

16 Oregon

17 Howell

18 Ozark

19 Shannon

20 Taney

21 Wright

22 Douglas

23 Texas

24 Phelps

25 Reynolds

26 Carter

27 Ripley

28 Wayne

29 Iron

30 Washington

31 Dent


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