Speak Out 6/28/10

Monday, June 28, 2010

Disaster ahead

I wonder if anyone else is as scared to death as I am of our current president. What is going on in our country? He does not want to close our borders because he feels it will somehow affect terrorism. I don't understand this. Our own military authorities are training Afghan soldiers to fly planes and to speak English and giving them military clearance into many of our facilities. How stupid are we? Our president is supposed to be protecting us. It sounds to me like he's setting us up for disaster.

Vote for casino

I hope a casino comes to Cape Girardeau. I hope that, if the petition drive is successful, voters will approve a casino. There's nothing in Cape Girardeau except the mall and places to eat. We have to have more than a water park. There would be more jobs created and more security, and there wouldn't be any more crime than there is now.

Need enforcement

THEY'RE talking about more regulations on oil drilling, especially in the Gulf. Regulations are not going to do any good unless they are enforced. If we don't have government employees who are willing to work for their wages and do their jobs, we are whistling in the wind.

Cape entertainment

I received a survey phone call about the proposed casino in Cape Girardeau. One of the questions was about bringing more entertainment to the city. We have the enormous Show Me Center. When it first came to town we had a lot of top names perform. Now we are lucky to have one or two a year. Why would we want to spend more money on a venue like a casino, which would destroy the morals of our family-oriented city?

Tax moratorium

WITH $15 million in the bank, VIP Industries does not need any more tax money. We need to put a moratorium on that tax.

Water project

THE Scott County Water District has been trying to put in public water to Kelly High School and the neighborhoods around it for over a year now. There are still pipes laying on top of the ground. There are pipes that have gone under roads and they're sticking up in the air. There are pipes everywhere, and there's nobody working on them. Nothing's happening. Why aren't we getting this job finished?

Too many turtles

I was just reading the comment about all the turtles in lake at North County Park. There are hundreds of them. They kill the bluegills. I see a lot of dead bluegills along the shoreline. Please, do something about this.

Speaking the truth

I think it's great that we can have a general who speaks the truth instead of trying to cover up things. He can apologize for exposing the president. I admire anyone like that. We need more of it.

Board conflicts

I think the Cape Girardeau County Commissioners should be investigated for appointing county employees to boards that oversee funds. It is completely inappropriate for county employees to be on boards. This is a possible conflict of interest. Please, someone investigate this as soon as possible.

Weedy pond

MY comment is to the Cape Girardeau Parks Department. Why has it let the pond in Capaha Park become choked with weeds? Not only are there a lot of surface weeds, the lake bottom is covered with heavy weed beds. There are a lot of senior citizens and children who like to fish there. This is not what we pay taxes for.

Recycling glass

WHY are we paying for recycling when the city won't take glass, which it took before the new single-stream recycling started? If you don't have any way to get glass to the recycling center and the city doesn't want it in the garbage, what are you supposed to do with it?

Do some checking

IF you are not sure whether you are for or against the casino issue, make a short drive to Metropolis or Caruthersville. Ask the local residents at the retail stores, gas stations and restaurants what the casino has done for their economy. They will tell you, "If you try to take our casino away, you will definitely have a fight on your hands." Are there empty storefronts there? The Southeast Missourian needs to do some investigative reporting. Are their businesses doing better now that riverboat gambling is there? What businesses are doing better for both towns?

Future pilots

THANKS for an outstanding air show. As a result of this air show I have been contacted by three youths who are now interested in becoming a pilot or enlisting when they are old enough. We need more interest in the Armed Forces, and what a way to show our support.

Good scoop

I have had a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine for almost half a century. It is a magazine of top-notch journalism of sometimes countercultural points of view, evolving in many respects out of opposition to the wrongheaded war in Vietnam. Never have I seen such an outpouring of jealousy from the so-called mainstream and alternative media about the fact that Rolling Stone scooped all of them in access to General McChrystal and his staff. Some have even pointed the finger at Rolling Stone for stirring up a hornet's nest. Talk about blaming the messenger. Kudos to Rolling Stone.

ATM benefit

CONTRARY to the headline of the Southeast Missourian, the new ATM rule will benefit consumers and protect them from heretofore usurious late withdrawal bank fees.

Why no power?

I wish someone would investigate why we keep losing our power on County Road 651. I am sure it affects a larger area. Last night we had our second outage of the week for no apparent reason.

Speaking your mind

HOW would you like to be in a situation where you were unable to speak your mind without fear of losing your job? That is the situation General McChrystal is in. Because he said what he believes to be true, President Obama fired him. What happened to freedom of speech? This is one more example of Obama's contempt for our rights. Think about how it would affect you if your employer decided that you no longer had the right to express your opinions.

Stop the petition

I urge the Quality of Life group to stop with its petition. It is going to cost this city an opportunity for casino development that is so badly needed. A casino would improve the quality of life and add to the entertainment options for visitors and citizens of this community. A casino would also spur growth and development in the downtown area, which has struggled for years. The crime rate would improve downtown due to the increased security and law enforcement. The positives far outweigh the negatives.

Playground duty

HOW can Jackson School District dictate what teachers wear to school? Obviously, schools should expect a teacher in clean, modest attire. But knee shorts? Elementary teachers with playground duty should be allowed to wear comfortable clothing. Why should one principal be able to make decisions about how teachers dress?

Thanks, volunteers

THANK you to everyone who volunteered at the air show. It was a great show, which was hampered only a bit by the extreme heat. My family never had a problem finding wet towels or something to keep hydrated. Thanks for being on top of the situation. And special thanks to all the pilots and the Blue Angels. It was all spectacular.

Positive information

CONGRATULATIONS, Southeast Missourian. With your Paid Election Letters section, you have made reading the newspaper more entertaining than I ever thought imaginable. Plus, I get better insight into the various political campaigns than just looking at a billboard or bumper sticker. I want to know, though, why doesn't one of the candidates just state his positions on issues? So much is attack. Give us some positive information, too.

Highway spraying

THE Missouri Department of Transportation just passed the house spraying gallons of weed killer hoping to control some invasive plants. But does the highway department realize that it is also endangering rabbits, nesting birds, blackberry briars and other plants and animals that people enjoy having around? Is there some other way to control the invasive plants along the highways other than the killing unnecessarily?

City math

I would like to know how a 1 percent increase in salary for the city workers can amount to a 5 percent increase in my city utility bill. Something is wrong with the math. It doesn't make sense.

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