Out of the past 6/26/10

Saturday, June 26, 2010

25 years ago: June 26, 1985

Fifty-six individuals, most of them Cape Girardeau County residents, seven local financial institutions, and a state agency have been named in a condemnation suit filed by the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission in connection with planned improvements to Highway 61; the suit was filed in Circuit Court Friday in an effort to complete the acquisition of right of way along the approximately 5 1/2-mile stretch of Highway 177 from east of Route W to Route J, where the Procter and Gamble Paper Products Co. plant is located.

BENTON, Mo. -- About 30 cars of a Burlington-Northern train derail along Scott County Road 452 about five miles north of Sikeston, Mo., in the afternoon; the derailment occurs between the community of Grant City and the Delta Drive-In Theater.

50 years ago: June 26, 1960

The Rev. J.W. Stalions, pastor of Maple Avenue Methodist Church since his assignment there several weeks ago, will be leaving his work there because of health reasons.

The Rev. George Scofield of the British Isles is the special speaker at services at the Church of the Nazarene.

75 years ago: June 26, 1935

Dr. C.W. Kinsey, secretary of the Beechwood Club, which owns property near Dutchtown, says the club has abandoned plans to buy about 35 acres of additional land adjoining the club's present holdings; not all the membership was favorable to the purchase; the club has about three acres now, upon which are located a clubhouse and six cabins.

Possibility of establishment later of a national park in Illinois immediately opposite Cape Girardeau is seen in the federal reforestation and the land retirement move made in East St. Louis, Ill., to condemn 13,000 acres of marginal farm land; a start is made in Federal Court toward taking title to much acreage in Union, Alexander, Pope and Massac counties.

100 years ago: June 26, 1910

The Rev. A.M. Ross, pastor of the First Baptist Church, preaches in the morning on the spread of deadly diseases and outlines the duties of churches to combat those diseases by a war against filth and unsanitary living.

Another strong wind and rain storm visits Cape Girardeau in the afternoon and, while no serious damage results, many trees are blown down and considerable damage is done to area crops.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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