I want my War Refund

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our nation is hamstrung with a public debt of over $12 trillion. It is time to stop paying lip service to cutting federal spending and start making the necessary cuts before hyperinflation, massive tax hikes and/or indentured servitude to China becomes reality.

Social Security and Medicaid are popular, political sacred cows that neither party will touch. A majority of Americans do not support the expensive (over $1 trillion and counting) wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a logical place to start.

I propose not only ending the wars, but to also refund the costs ($3,335 per person) back to the American people -- the War Refund. In Congress, a similar idea went mainstream on May 23 when The War Is Making You Poor Act was introduced by Rep. Alan Grayson and co-sponsored by Rep. Ron Paul.

I want my War Refund.

Visit WarRefund.com for more details.

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