Stop spending and bailouts

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let's discuss possible future opponents. Independent and conservative Republican voters, due to Missouri's open primary system, will make a major decision about the direction of the Republican party on Aug. 3.

Republican Bob Parker, a farmer and businessman operating in the 8th District for 33 years, is working hard to replace 13-year incumbent Jo Ann Emerson. Bob wants to follow the Constitution and stop unnecessary spending and bailouts in Washington.

As a disgruntled former Republican, I was disappointed by the Bush administration. The Republican Party controlled the Senate, House and presidency, yet incumbent Republicans refused to control spending. Allowing these same actors, like Emerson, to go back would be a mistake. Bob's presence in Congress might force fellow legislators to actually follow the Republican platform.

Bob is holding a rally Saturday, June 26, near Cape's River Campus at noon. I will listen to what he has to say. Please attend. Vote Aug. 3.

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