Speak Out 6/23/10

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leaving the show

I attended the air festival Saturday with my family. I greatly enjoyed the entire festival: planes, food, atmosphere, friendly volunteers and especially the Blue Angels. I would, however, suggest drastic changes for the shuttle departures following the event. There was no direction until a Cape Girardeau police officer started giving much needed instructions. Thank you to this officer for trying to help us. Moments later another police officer began giving opposite instructions. As the crowd grew, everyone, including my family, grew impatient. The air festival staff needs dramatic changes, including people to answer questions instead of forcing the job on the unprepared police.

Bank money

I see that some counterfeit money is going around. All the money I spend I receive from my bank. Is all the money doled out at banks guaranteed to not be counterfeit?

Protect and defend

THE most important job of our federal government is to protect and defend. The BP oil spill was the fault of BP, and it has the responsibility to contain the spill. When it failed, it became the responsibility of the federal government. The government was slow to respond. Other countries offered to help but were turned away. Our government failed us miserably.

No water

I cannot believe that the National Weather Service issued a heat advisory, but the air show didn't allow people to bring in water. Way to go, Cape Girardeau.

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