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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010

Are the residents and businesses of Cape Girardeau REALLY committed to quality service and sincere hospitality as the Visitor's Guide brochure states?

After viewing the fantastic air show, complete with the Blue Angels on Sat. 19th, we decided to have a look at the "Missouri Hall of Fame" mural on the floodwall before we returned to our home in Illinois. As we looked, our car 'died' and refused to start again. We were stranded in the 100 degree heat, in unknown territory. Within MINUTES, (not hours)a mechanic named David stopped on the road to check on us. For 2 hours in the intense heat, he and my husband labored as they looked for possible solutions to the problem. David refused payment for his services. Even though the cause was not determined, how we thank you, David, for your help in a time of need.

A tow truck was called and the driver, Tim, towed the car to the Crown Nissan dealer as well as helped us locate a motel room. With the Blue Angels in town, that was a challenge. David delivered us to the last room available in Cape Girardeau, the clean and comfortable Super 8 motel on King's Highway. Thank you, Tim , for your kindness.

The Super 8 staff gave us toothbrushes, toothpaste and a razor, so once again, kindness overflowed. We washed out our clothes and hung them to dry in the shower for we had intended to stay just for the airshow.

The next day, Father's Day, we walked on King's Highway to get a burger at Sonic, the closest place to eat near us. The light breeze kept us comfortable in the heat as we ate at the tables outside. Walking back to the motel, we were surprised when a handsome, young man in his late teens stopped on the road to offer us a ride. His comment was "It is too hot to be walking". We did not accept for we were near the motel by then, but oh, how thankful we were to have him show his concern. We do not know his name, but God knows his act of kindness.

Beside the motel, there was an 'open' sign on the 'Younghouse Party Central' store, so we went inside to check it out. The store clerk, Karen, was a delight to visit with, and she ended up insisting we, strangers from Illinois, take her car down the road to the grocery store for some needed items. Karen, that was above and beyond hospitality, and we thank you for your trust and vote of confidence in us.

We spent 2 nights in Cape Girardeau while we waited for Crown Nissan to open it's doors on Monday morning. Once we contacted them, they immediately sent J.R. to gather us from the Super 8 Motel across town. Learning it was a computer 'glitch', and that the part would have to be ordered and needed several days to fix, they sent us off to our home in Illinois with one of their cars. To the warm and welcoming Crown Nissan staff, we thank you for the fun it was to visit with you while we waited,... and for the way to get home again.

Now to answer the beginning question,..."YES! YES! YES!..the residents and businesses of Cape Girardeau are REALLY committed to quality service and sincere hospitality." We believe that one loves a city not because of the beauty of it, but because of the people you meet in the midst of the beauty. This was our first visit to Cape Girardeau, and even in the middle of car problems with a delay, we had the privilege to meet some of Cape Girardeau's most wonderful residents,...a mechanic, a tow truck driver, a teenager, a store clerk, and several businesses who did your city proud.

In John 16:33 it states that .."in this world you will have trouble..", and then in Ps. 91:15 the Lord promises that ..."I will be with you in trouble". The Lord used the residents and businesses of your city to 'walk with us' though the trouble. May God bless all of you abundantly for blessing us.

We will be back in Cape Girardeau soon, first to retrieve our car, but most impoortantly, to once again see some of Cape Girardeau's most warm and welcoming residents. With all the TV news of doom and gloom, you in Cape Girardeau need to be proud and pleased to be the bright and shining light 'where the river turns a 1000 tales.' Perhaps this story makes the 1001st tale!

Respectfully and gratefully submitted,

Jim and Rosemary Hruska

Shipman, Illinois

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