Speak Out 6/18/10

Friday, June 18, 2010

Point of view

PRE-BP oil spill point of view: "Keep the government out of our lives." Post-BP oil spill Republican point of view: "The government must take complete control."

Handing out justice

SO how is it a judge will let a person off with probation after he tried to kill his wife so he will be able to work in our society? But when you are late on your child support, you are convicted of a felony which keeps you from getting a lot of jobs and you can't pay your child support. I'd rather work with a person who is behind in child support than work with a person who tried to kill someone. Does anyone else see a problem with our judicial system?

Unnecessary lights

THE water park is great, but why did we spend money on lights if it is going to close at 7 p.m.?

Now an ice rink

THE new Cape Splash is great. But even though it's refreshing, I don't want my children out there too long because of sun risk. If the city really wants to make this an A-plus town, the next project should be an ice-skating rink. Talk about a great day: morning at the water park, afternoon at the ice rink. We'd have the most fit children in the state.

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