Out of the past 6/18/10

Friday, June 18, 2010

25 years ago: June 18, 1985

Plans to open a Pasta House restaurant in West Park Mall are announced by Mercantile Bank and Trust Co. of Cape Girardeau, which will provide the construction financing; the 3,800-square-foot facility will be near the Venture store in the mall.

Last night's Cape Girardeau City Council study session turned into a gripe session as council members used the occasion to complain about everything from the condition of the old Marquette Hotel to the appearance of the city's parks.

50 years ago: June 18, 1960

Mayors of several communities, shippers and travelers who depend on the service urged the Interstate Commerce Commission yesterday to continue passenger service between St. Louis and Memphis, while Frisco Railroad, petitioning to have the two trains dropped, cited them as "drones in the economic bee hive"; the tug of war over train service continues in the Federal District Courtroom this morning, but is expected to come to a close near the noon hour.

The assessed valuation of real estate and personal property tax in Cape Girardeau County is $53,403,194, an increase of $2,129,128 over last year.

75 years ago: June 18, 1935

The Cape Girardeau County Court yesterday fixed county licenses for beer and whiskey establishments: for selling 3.2 percent beer, $25 per year; 5 percent beer, $35; and for selling liquor in the original package, $50.

The Cape Special Road district has purchased a motorized road oil distributor; the big machine will be used as soon as roads become thoroughly dry and the weather is hot, says district engineer D.M. Scivally.

100 years ago: June 18, 1910

Edward F. Regenhardt, the newly appointed U.S. marshal, is expected home on the noon Frisco train Monday, and his friends have arranged to meet him at the station; a band will play "See the Conquering Hero Comes," "Hail to the Chief" and other appropriate hymns.

A number of young ladies are entertained by Mary Burrough at her home on Bloomfield Road in honor of Marguerite Oliver and Elizabeth Davis, who have just returned from school.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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