Analyzing military spending

Thursday, June 17, 2010

As a retired lieutenant colonel, I agree with former senator Talent's article: Defending America is the constitutional duty of the federal government. But as he discussed deficits in Air Force capability, I spotted the red herrings he threw out as he advocated for the "military-industrial complex" Eisenhower warned us about.

I flew the antique B-52s he spoke of. They are continuously being upgraded and are fully capable of delivering 21st century munitions. The aging tanker fleet he referenced are constantly upgraded as well. They are not nearly as stressed as similar airliner airframes. While coordinating airlift into war zones from Air Mobility Command headquarters, I appreciated the remarkable capability of the C-17s.

Pentagon analysts have determined we have enough of these assets. They would rather shift spending to next-generation items, such as unmanned drones and fighters. My operational experience will help me analyze military spending in Congress.


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