At the top: Valedictorian Caitlin Schamburg, Perryville

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Perryville Valedictorian Caitlin Schamburg (Kristin Eberts)

Parents: Steven and Deborah Schamburg

What is your most notable academic achievement? Valedictorian

What is your favorite school activity and why? Cheerleading, because I love being involved at sporting events and also other school-sponsored events. I love performing, too!

What is your favorite high school memory? Going to Florida to march at the Outback Bowl game and parade with the Perryville Marching Buccaneers and dancing at halftime of the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tenn., with the cheerleaders.

Describe your favorite cafeteria food: Mashed potatoes (with white gravy!)

What's your school mascot? Pirates

If you could have a personal mascot, what would it be? A ballerina!

Complete this sentence: Without me, my teachers are likely to ... not be asked as many questions.

Who is your favorite teacher and how did he inspire you to learn? Mr. Nicholas Cowell by making it fun and enjoyable to learn and encouraging confidence.

Where do you plan to go to college and what will you study? Southeast Missouri State University for accounting

What is the biggest challenge facing your generation? Economic problems

How do you hope to address it? Encouraging others to get a good education, opening up more jobs and opportunities for them

Sum up your high school experience in six words: Fast four years with unforgettable memories

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