At the top: Valedictorian Haley Welker, St. Vincent

Thursday, June 17, 2010
St. Vincent Valedictorian Haley Welker (Kristin Eberts)

Parents: Bob and Peggy Welker

What is your most notable academic achievement? Becoming valedictorian.

What is your favorite school activity and why? Drama Club. I loved helping out backstage at our school plays.

What is your favorite high school memory? Our senior bonfire. It was pouring down rain, so our class made a slip-n-slide in the mud while we were building it. We didn't let it rain on our parade!

Describe your favorite cafeteria food: Crispito day, aka best day of the year!

What's your school mascot? The Indians

If you could have a personal mascot, what would it be? A penguin

Complete this sentence: Without me, my teachers are likely to ... go crazy from missing me so much.

Who is your favorite teacher and how did he inspire you to learn? My chemistry teacher, Mr. Graf. His passion for science always makes it fun to learn.

Where do you plan to go to college and what will you study? I will attend Missouri State University in Springfield, and I will study pharmacy.

What is the biggest challenge facing your generation? Making the country more eco-friendly.

How do you hope to address it? I will do my part to help out by participating in service projects around the community.

Sum up your high school experience in six words: Awesome, inspiring, hilarious, amazing, exciting, unforgettable.

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