SB40 Board applicants

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: The spellings of Vincent Seyer and Leeann Milde-Otten's names has been corrected.

As of Monday morning, the Cape Girardeau County Commission had received 12 applications for five seats that will be filled Thursday on the Sheltered Workshop/Handicapped Facility Board. Under state law, two members of the board must be related to a handicapped person with a developmental disability, four members are public members and at least seven members must be county residents. Applicants are:

* Dory Johnson*, board member since 2004. Johnson has a son working at VIP Industries.

* Arlysse Popp*, board member since 1976. Popp has a son who is developmentally disabled.

* Ruth Ann Dickerson*, recently appointed board member, captain with Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department.

* Bryan E. Noack, director of service coordination for the Perry County Board for the Developmentally Disabled and father of a developmentally disabled girl.

* Susan R. Hekmat, special education consultant at the Southeast Missouri State University Regional Professional Development Center.

* Dale True, contract compliance specialist at Southeast Missouri State University and father of a girl with developmental disabilities.

* John E. Young, retired teacher, president of the VIP Industries Board of Directors and father of a developmentally disabled woman who works at VIP Industries.

* Pamela Deneke, transition coordinator and special education teacher, Jackson School District.

* Jeffrey G. Baer, certified public accountant and owner of Baer & Eddington CPA firm.

* Leeann Milde-Otten, member of Jackson Planning and Zoning Commission.

* Vincent Seyer, retired, formerly director of facilities management for Southeast Missouri State University.

* Dixie G. McCollum, woman with two developmentally disabled siblings.

* Term expires June 30.

SOURCE: Cape Girardeau County Commission

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