Speak Out 6/15/10

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Casino payroll

ALL I hear is how great it's going to be to have a casino in the Cape Girardeau area and how it's going to provide jobs. Has anyone checked to see what the salaries of these people are? I'd like to know.

Not enforced

I notice the president is talking about sanctions on Iran, the toughest ever. How ridiculous can we get? There have been sanctions before, but they're not enforced. If you don't enforce them, why have them?

Thanks for card

I would like to thank the person who found and turned in the credit card I lost on the Wal-Mart parking lot. I appreciate your honesty. God bless you.

Decision made

HOW many times do you vote on a casino? If you vote for a political candidate and someone doesn't like the outcome, do you vote on it again? I don't understand. It's already been decided.

Possum help

I would like to thank the Cape Girardeau police officer for coming to my home at midnight to remove the possum that had taken up residency on my steps. Thank you again.

Kezer's attitude

I think it's wonderful that Joshua Kezer is speaking at Centenary United Methodist Church and other places. After what this man has been through, I think it's a blessing that he has turned out like he has, considering the way society and the courts have treated him. I truly feel sorry for you. Joshua, keep your chin up. Keep up God's work, and everything will be fine. Bless you.

BP oxymoron

WITH every passing day, BP's behemoth oil spill reminds us more than ever that the phrase "corporate responsibility" is an oxymoron.

Economic punch

NICE try. The Southeast Missourian's reprint of an interactive Zogby poll (rated the worst of the worst polls by polling guru Nate Silver) designed to show that Democrats and liberals are dumber than Republicans and, I presume, tea partiers, when it comes to an understanding of basic economics was a miserable failure and unworthy of being printed in a newspaper with the quality of the Southeast Missourian. For example, according to a pollster, a dumb person would say the overall standard of living has declined in the last number of decades. Tell a middle-class person whose standard of living since the 1970s has stagnated or declined that on average it is better because if you combine his standard of living with pre-imprisoned Bernie Madoff's the overall average is better and see what happens. You'll likely be picking yourself up off the floor.

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