Questions about Tommy Sowers

So far, Tommy Sowers, the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 8th Congressional District, has attacked Jo Ann Emerson for everything from the price of bread to the debt crisis in Greece.

He's said very little openly, however, about who he is and what he is. His biography, on his Facebook page, doesn't even say how old he is or if he's single or married. He served in the Army, and he's a professor at Rolla. That's about it.

As far as political issues are concerned, Tommy's only supported two issues publicly. He supported Nancy Pelosi's health care bill, and he supports an openly gay military.

Most of what anyone can find out is how much money he's raised. Clues are emerging, though, about how, where and from whom he's raising all this money.

Tuesday night, he held a gala fundraiser in Washington on the notorious U Street corridor of D.C. Rather, it's famous for the homosexual community and notorious for everyone else. Of all the reception spots in D.C., the site Tommy Sowers picked is called Local 16, but it's definitely not a union hangout.

Whatever his personal preferences may be, you have to question the judgment of a man seeking to represent the people of Southeast Missouri holding a fundraiser at a gay D.C. nightclub.

Nothing this stunning should be taken at face value. Anyone interested in the direction of this country and the man who wants to represent us in Congress should go to the following websites:

The first is from his own Facebook page (got to hand it to him -- whatever he is, he's proud of it):

Tommy Sowers, Paul Begala, Gov. Dean & Jack Dorsey (Twitter founder)

Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Location: Local 16

Street: 1602 U. St., NW

City/Town: Washington, DC


FREE BEER on tap till it runs out. First-come, first-served!

Official DC launch of Square (by the Twitter founder)

RSVP (& reserve your Square) at:

Iraq Veteran & Democratic Candidate for Congress

*One of the DCCC's Top 26 races-to-watch for 2010*

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010


LOCAL 16, Restaurant & Lounge

1600 U St. NW

Washington, DC 20009

The second is from "Fun Maps," a service "Mapping the gay & lesbian world." In other words, it helps gays and lesbians find each other in our nation's capital.

Local 16 is listed there under the category: "Gay clubs and bars."

Personally, I'm glad my father is not around to see what Tommy Sowers wants to do to his Marine Corps. But that aside, where's the judgment?

Anyone sponsored by Howard Dean and Paul Begala who hosts fundraisers in gay bars in D.C. deserves to be questioned -- not just about their judgment but about their value system and whether they can represent the people of Missouri's 8th District.

Southeast Missouri voters deserve to know where Tommy gets his money, who his friends are and whom he truly wants to represent. By his actions and statements, Tommy Sowers raises these questions himself. Any wounds here are self-inflicted.

A lot of us want things to change, but this is definitely not the direction we have in mind.

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