Shawnee Community College Enrollment up 21.5%

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Shawnee Community College Board of Trustees June meeting just happened to be on the first day of summer classes, June 7th. With registration for the summer semester closing that evening, the board was met with remarkable enrollment news: summer credit hour enrollment is up 21.5% over last year's first day totals. As impressive as that increase is, there was more good news. The summer enrollment increase trend set four years ago has resulted in a 50.9% increase in summer credit hour enrollment from 2007 to 2010. "I really appreciate the dedication of our faculty and staff in working to achieve these enrollment totals during especially difficult financial times," Peterson told the board. "This growth indicates that the citizens of our district believe that SCC is their community college. Education is the best investment in our people."

Registration for the fall semester continues through August 18th.

The board heard from Chief Financial Officer Tiffiney Ryan concerning cash flow and funding options. As soon as the State of Illinois issues a budget to community colleges, the SCC FY11 budget will be completed.

Governor Quinn's Office of Management and Budget has released one-third of the FY 2010 Capital Renewal Appropriation. Of that amount, SCC's allocation is $59,400. Projects funded by this money must be approved by the Capital Development Board and the funds can only be used on specific projects.

Several maintenance and liability issue projects are expected to be completed this summer, along with software upgrades in student computer labs at the main campus and all extension centers.

Tim Bellamey reported to the board that the ICCB Adult Education has asked the SCC Adult Education staff to work with the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center at SIU-E to develop a logic model for building a Bridge to HealthCare Transition Program for other state programs.

SCC expects nearly 50% of the recent 70 Adult Education graduates to enroll in SCC classes this fall.

Over 100 students have been nominated by area high schools to participate in the 10th annual Summer Youth Leadership Academy. The event was organized to provide participants with leadership and life skills. Several program veterans return to SCC as students, many serving in student leadership roles such as student ambassadors, student senate members, and student trustees.

Carolyn Kindle shared information about the No Excuses University program in use by Janet Kruger's Metropolis Elementary 5th grade students. At the beginning of the school year, Kruger's class adopted Shawnee Community College as part of the No Excuses University Network a program that reinforces that there are no excuses for students not to plan for a college education. In May, the class visited the SCC campus. After a greeting from the SCC mascot Bernie, the group toured the campus and had a chance to meet with faculty and staff, including Dr. Peterson. Kindle had visited the Metropolis classroom several times throughout the year and reported to the board that the opportunity to connect and encourage these students has resulted in a phenomenal interest in SCC and college in general by the students.

Continuing her report, the board heard that while 83% of SCC students receive some type of financial assistance to fund their college participation, the Federal Student Work Study budget has been cut from $104,000 to $69,000 by the federal government. Several student worker positions have been eliminated while some workers will face a reduction in work hours.

Ruth Smith reported several educational and community activities involving members of the SCC faculty.

Connie Daily represented the SCC Allied Health Division at the Century High School Career Fair and Angie Johnson served as the keynote speaker at the Vienna High School Certified Nurse Assistant pinning. Smith recently provided a 3-day in-service for the teaching staff of the Migrant Early Childhood Education Center in Cobden. News from the SCC cosmetology program included an announcement that the program had a 100% success pass rate in the state board examinations. Also, cosmetology student Kaydee Burke placed 1st at the State Beauty Supply Discover Hair Show this spring.

Student Trustee Shannon Knowles shared with other board members her experiences during the 2010 Student Leadership Institute in Springfield. The event was presented by the 2010-2011 Illinois Community College Board Student Advisory Committee. Knowles met with state legislators, board trustees, and other student government members.

More than 100 golfers have committed to the Shawnee Community College Foundation's golf fundraiser on Friday, June 11th. The annual event will be at the Gambit Golf Club in Vienna, home course of the Saints' golf team.

Athletic director Mike Fitzgerald offered the board a summary review of the Saints' sport team accomplishments during FY10.

The board voted to:

*Approve the annual FY2012 RAMP document as attached.

*Approve the contract with Southern Illinois Security Consultants, Inc., for security services from July 1, 2010, and continue until June 30, 2011.

*Accept the reciprocal agreement with Southeastern Illinois College as attached.

*Approve the proposed Industrial Maintenance-Chemical curriculum as attached.

*Increase the Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (HOAE) test fee from $20.00 to $25.00 effective immediately.

*Ratify the employment of part-time staff to cover the necessary work assignments for the summer semester 2010.

*Approve the re-employment of grant-supported administrators for FY2011 as presented contingent upon official notification of continued grant funding.

*Accept and approve the resignation of Dr. Sally West, Director of the Metropolis Regional Education and Training Center, effective June 30, 2010.

*To keep closed the written executive session minutes from October 13, 1986, to present and to authorize the destruction of the closed session audiotapes as provided in the Open Meetings Act for closed sessions held prior to December 31, 2008.

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