Speak Out 6/8/10

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You earned it

WHERE does it say senior citizens don't have the right to spend our money that we earned on ourselves? Where does it say we have to save it for our children and grandchildren? Listen up, senior citizens: If you want to gamble, go on a trip, go out to eat or anything else you enjoy, don't feel guilty about "squandering your children's or grandchildren's inheritance." You earned every bit of it.

Testament to failure

THE BP oil spill will forever stand as testament to the failure of laissez-faire economics, an unregulated economy and libertarian political and economic philosophy.

Fiscal responsibility

I am so glad the Tour of Missouri bicycle race has been canceled. Someone is showing fiscal responsibility. Another thing: Why would anyone not want a casino here? Besides the jobs it would bring in, it would also provide entertainment and attract tourists who spend money in our town. Anyone who is against a casino is trying to cast his views on the rest of us. I think we can make up our own minds, thank you. If you don't want to go to a casino, stay away.


ONCE again the "it's everybody's fault but mine" mentality rears its ugly head. A recent comment blamed co-workers for causing weight and health issues, which this person claimed she or he didn't have until co-workers started bringing desserts to work. Take responsibility for your own self-control.

Breaking the law

THIS is America, we are all supposed to have the same rights under the law. If we grant amnesty to illegal aliens, then we should open our jails and release all people who are being held for breaking the law. If you do not follow the law in all cases, who decides which laws are OK to break? Where does it stop? Would I be granted amnesty if I committed a crime? I don't think so. Why are people from other countries allowed to break our laws, but we are not? I don't understand why there is any debate on arresting people who break our laws.

Progressive taxes

PROPERTY taxes need to be progressive. The more expensive the mansion, the higher the rate of property taxation.

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