Emerson Again Touts Benefits of Stimulus

Friday, June 4, 2010

Editor's note: The White House Office of the Press Secretary has issued a correction, addressing a press release issued on June 4. The correction said that the previous advisory incorrectly stated that Holcim directly received ARRA (stimulus) funds. The following submitted story also incorrectly states the Holcim plant was funded by the Recovery Act.

Today, Representative Jo Ann Emerson attended a grand opening of the Holcim Cement Plant in St. Genevieve, which was funded by the Recovery Act that Emerson opposed in Congress.

According to a Department of Transportation press release, "Secretary Ray LaHood, along with Reps. Russ Carnahan and Jo Ann Emerson, will attend the ribbon cutting at Holcim's newest Recovery Act-funded cement plant in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri."

The plant, funded by the Recovery Act that Emerson voted against, created 2500 jobs during its construction and 250 jobs for the operation of the plant. Emerson has been full-throated in her opposition to the Recovery Act:

"I opposed the stimulus for two reasons: the spending was irresponsibly high, and I saw no way this money could be spent accountably by the federal government." said Emerson in a March 10 press release.

Later on Twitter, Emerson tweeted: "Great grand opening event at Holcim today." She went on to mention the benefits of the factory, but not how it was funded.

Said Sowers Campaign Manager Jonathan Feifs, "Apparently, Jo Ann has an extremely short memory. Three months after reiterating her opposition to the Recovery Act, she is out touting the results of the very same piece of legislation. The people of Southeastern Missouri are smarter than this: this is hypocrisy and Washington politics at its worst."

Sowers, an 11-year Army Special Forces veteran, is running for Congress against incumbent Jo Ann Emerson, a former insurance lobbyist from Washington, DC. Tommy Sowers is the Democratic candidate for Missouri's 8th Congressional district and does not face opposition in the primary. During the first quarter of 2010, Sowers outraised Emerson by over $70,000, with 99% of his contributions coming from individuals. Emerson will face a Republican primary challenger, cattle rancher Bob Parker, in August.


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