Speak Out 6/4/10

Friday, June 4, 2010

Left out

EVERYBODY who is on a fixed income and gets paid on the first or third of the month can't afford the 100-Mile Yard Sale, because it's held two or three days before we get paid. Thanks for leaving us out.

Casino riffraff

CAPE Girardeau can't take care of its gangs and riffraff now. What's going to happen if we get a casino?

Taking responsibility

PRESIDENT Obama is taking the blame for the oil spill. It isn't his fault, but he's taking responsibility. It takes a good man to admit something like this.

Chicago politics

REGARDING the scandal over offering a Pennsylvania politician a non-paying advisory job in the White House not to run against Arlen Specter: This doesn't make sense. He was asked to drop out of that race for a job that pays very well. I can think of a better story than that. This is just Chicago politics.

Scott City casino

HISTORY repeats itself. Cape Girardeau may not get a casino for one big reason. If there is a vote, citizens will vote it down because they're religious. I don't think Cape Girardeau is suited for a casino. Scott City would be a fine place for a casino. That would be a boon for the whole area.

School bullying

ALMOST 30 years ago, our son came home from school every day with another knot on his head or swollen eye. I went to the school and told the principal and teachers if I sent my son to school looking like that, they'd have me up for child abuse, and if my son came home like that again, they would be up for child abuse. It never happened anymore. The school has a responsibility to watch out for children.

Handy casino

I live in Jackson, and everybody around here that I know of would love to have a casino. That's one way we elderly people pass away our time. We know when we can afford to go or not, and it would be so much easier if the casino were here.

Classy casino

AS a senior citizen who spends time going to casinos in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Mississippi, I must say to the people wanting another vote on the issue: You might be surprised by the outcome. I know for a fact there are a lot of church-going people at these establishments. I hope when a casino is chosen it is not a throwaway boat that has to be remodeled. Let's go classy like Ameristar has with a land-based casino that is appealing to the public.

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