Speak Out 5/30/10

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Making cuts

I am a law-abiding citizen who puts my son's and my life on the line everyday. I watch the police sit by while motorists run red lights. Cape Girardeau could do without a few police officers and firefighters to balance the budget.

Show compassion

SOMEONE made a poor analogy regarding illegal aliens and amnesty. The proper analogy is whether we should send a son or daughter to prison because of the crimes committed by a parent. When we deny medical care or schooling or amnesty to an entire family of innocents, many of whom were brought here when they were young by an illegal alien, we are showing the whole world that we are incapable of compassion and humanity.

Taking jobs

I am against amnesty for illegal immigrants and a proponent of preventing illegal entry into this country. However, I reject the common argument that illegal immigrants take jobs. If this were true, I would be taking a job from another citizen by having a job myself. Economies are complex webs of supply and demand. By having a job, I supply some things that allow me to demand others through the income I earn. The majority of illegal immigrants are low earners and spend most if not all of their income to get by. I do a greater disservice to the economy by saving a substantial part of my income. My position on this issue is based on the clearly defined immigration laws, not on faulty economic logic.

Background noise

THIS is concerning television movies. Why do they have music in the background so we cannot hear what the actors are saying?

Take donations

I am a child of God, a Christian. I suggest that all churches start taking donations for the $20,000 that came from Illinois to repair the cross on Bald Knob. Believe me, when this man's time comes to die, he won't be an atheist.

OK highway

THIS concerns Route 34. There is not a thing wrong with that road. I drive it every day. People are used to it. They drive between 60 and 70 mph and have no problem whatsoever. They take the curves. They're considerate of other drivers. The problem is drinking and driving and driving while sleepy and texting. The state is wasting way too much money on the highway. We don't need it.

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