Letter to the Editor

Jones bashes union members

Sunday, May 30, 2010

With amusement, I read "The facts about Jay Purcell" by Gerald W. Jones. Jones, while always long on name-calling, cheap shots and gotchas, has truly shown his real self by coming out with bashing of union members and union council meetings. I am sure there are Democrats in Cape Girardeau County who are qualified to be county commissioners and certainly could run the county better than Jones has.

I have never understood the dog-and-pony show that Jones and Morley Swingle have had over the years. Jones has allowed Swingle to perform his private work while on county time. At the same time, Swingle has supported Jones on private deals benefiting landowners in reference to realignment of county roads and easements.

Swingle, describing Purcell as a "narcissistic demagogue," is very familiar with this phrase because it exists in his own family.

In closing, I was to so to Jones that I filled out an application for an advisory board at one time. Of course, I was not selected. The reason, I am sure, was that I was just a regular worker and a Democrat. Nevertheless, the fallout of a hypocrite in public office is always good reading and amusing.

FRANK MYERS, Cape Girardeau