Speak Out 5/21/10

Friday, May 21, 2010

Seeking opportunity

NO one is saying anything about opening the borders. In fact, I think most people want a secure border. But what should we do with the people who are here? Amnesty is the best solution. They're not criminals and thugs. They're people searching for work. It's making a living for their families. They're coming here for opportunities, much as our own forefathers did.

No comparison

I want to know how can you compare President Bush and Hurricane Katrina to the oil disaster of BP. There is no comparison whatsoever. Katrina affected human beings. The oil disaster affects water and animals and possible financial issues in the future. Stop trying to compare the two. You can't.

School pride

THE people of the Cape Girardeau School District should realize that school board president Paul Nenninger's appearance in an ad campaign was not promoting Notre Dame Regional High School, but Notre Dame was promoting him. They should be proud that they have such a qualified individual to lead their school board.

Ridiculous demand

I wonder when I read about the teachers complaining about an elected official on the school board, who was elected by the public, not by the schoolteachers. For them to ask for his resignation in light of the fact that he did an advertisement for the school he graduated from is ridiculous.

Learning lesson

PRIVATE school parents, here's the plan. This summer everyone register your children in the Cape Girardeau School District and send your children to public schools for the first day of school. See if the public school teachers and parents can figure out why parochial schools are a benefit to the community, not a liability. Some people are just harder to educate.

Spay, neuter pets

FREE puppies, free kittens, free 6-year-old dogs, free 3-year-old cats. Here's free advice. Wouldn't it be a lot easier to have your pets spayed and neutered and be a responsible person in society?

Keep them there

ON Guantanamo Bay: I'm happy President Obama saw the light. At least he hasn't been able to move forward with any ill-conceived plans. It's a bad thing having an oil spill, but it's good that he has his hands full with other things so that Guantanamo Bay's not the most pressing problem. Terrorists need to be kept there away from the rest of us.

School trust

ALL judges and clergy recognize two kinds of apology. The meaningful kind says "I'm sorry for what I did" and the guilty party humbly accepts responsibility for the wrong in one's action. The meaningless type of apology shifts the responsibility to the wronged party and arrogantly says "I'm sorry the community was offended by my ad." Unfortunate seeds of discord and mistrust were sewn between our two fine high schools by the ill-timed and ill-advised action of the school board president, Paul Nenninger. His previous opposition to the district's much-needed bond issue adds to growing concern of teachers, staff and parents regarding Mr. Nenninger's commitment to and care for our children and their schools. Mr. Nenninger's contrition and resignation would promote our community's ability to trust the school board and to support their leadership.

No more support

I was not going to comment on the recent slap regarding Paul Nenninger, our school board president. However, after reading so many hateful comments, I feel I must. Mr. Nenninger, you have my full support. Not only that, you have the support of many Cape Girardeau area voters. The fact of the matter is, I supported the school bond proposal even though I send my children to parochial schools. The next time a bond proposal comes up, however, I will be voting no and encouraging others to do the same. I have seen the ugliness among the supporters of our public schools, and I want no part of them.

Federal offense

WHOEVER is damaging mailboxes on County Road 316 in Cape Girardeau is dealing with federal property. When you are caught, you will be sent to prison for what you consider a night of fun. You'll be caught.

Things to do

RECENTLY I had a friend from St. Louis tell me that she was coming to Cape Girardeau. She asked me what there is to do in Cape Girardeau. I'm proud to say she and her child could visit the new Cape Splash water park and the new Discovery Playhouse children's museum. It's nice to say "Good job, Cape Girardeau, for attracting people from St. Louis."

Divided loyalties

I'M trying to follow the story about Paul Nenninger, president of the Cape Girardeau School Board. Teachers are upset that he's backing his alma mater, Notre Dame Regional High School. What about teachers in the district whose children attend private or parochial schools?

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