Letter to the Editor

Big economic show coming

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Broadway shows open on the road in lesser markets. This gives the producers an opportunity to see what is working, what isn't and to make necessary changes.

The big show currently is in Athens. The Greek parliament, lacking any choice, has passed rather draconian but necessary austerity measures to avoid a default on bonds. This should be successful, then the show will move on to Lisbon, Madrid, Rome and London. All of this is preparing for a big opening -- not in New York, but in Washington in 2014. It will be boffo, and everyone in the country will be watching.

All of the politicians are posturing for elections this year. But something each of us should remember: Any politician stating our deficit problem is largely solvable without touching entitlements like Social Security and Medicare and/or raising taxes is either a liar or a fool, nothing else. Any voter who would believe it is merely the latter.

We are in this together. No one will be exempt from the changes. The longer we wait, the greater the pain.

STEVE RICKARD, Cape Girardeau