Larry Bill needs more signatures

Thursday, May 13, 2010

People are surprised by our approach to politics. I am running for U.S. Congress as an independent in the 8th District of Missouri. I am disappointed with both major parties as they conspire together at the federal level to bankrupt this country. I will advocate for Constitutional conservative ideas from any source and not be bound by party affiliation.

Missouri rightly requires those who choose independence to conduct a petition drive; this proves to the citizens the independent candidate is a legitimate contender. In our case, we need to present the Secretary of State with 5,667 signatures of registered voters by July 26, 2010. We have passed the 5,000 mark, but more signatures are still needed due to people moving, etc. Visit for more details. Thank you to the many volunteers committed to achieving this goal. Thank you to those who have signed to support America's democratic process.

LARRY BILL, 2543 Prairie View Trail, Jackson, MO 63755

Paid for by "Committee to Elect Lawrence David Bill for Congress," Daniel R. Brown, Treasurer, 2543 Prairie View Trail, Jackson, MO 63755