Purgason Wins in Online Poll; Gaining Momentum

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
State Senator Chuck Purgason

The results are in from the Missouri Sovereignty Project's online U.S. Senate primary poll for the Republican Party and State Senator Chuck Purgason easily defeated Congressman Roy Blunt. Chuck Purgason received 75% of the vote while Roy Blunt received 25% of the over 500 votes cast. The Missouri Sovereignty Project is a tenth amendment activist organization. Chuck Purgason is proud to have the support of individuals who share his belief in and support of State's Rights.

As the month progresses, Conservatives will continue to take back their government and clean up Washington D.C. in Republican primaries. Incumbent Senator Bob Bennett in Utah lost the Republican primary for the Senate seat he has held for 18 years this week. Outsider Rand Paul is expected to easily defeat the establishment candidate in Kentucky's Republican primary for the U.S. Senate next week. Conservatives across America are committed to changing the status quo in Washington D.C., and electing candidates that will uphold conservative interest, not self-interest.

As State Senator Chuck Purgason progresses through the campaign, his view for Missouri will surface as the clear solution to fix the problems of reckless spending and incompetent government which have taken over Washington D.C. Be sure to follow Chuck's view for Missouri on the new, re-designed Chuck Purgason website: http://www.PurgasonForSenate.com

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