Principal not happy about senior prank

Sunday, May 29, 2005

DELEON SPRINGS, Fla.-- The high school seniors thought they were pulling a memorable graduation prank when they sneaked into the school one morning and covered the toilet seats with plastic wrap and greased up the door handles.

They even left a note for the principal that read, "We love you, Mr. Pearson."

But Mr. Pearson wasn't amused -- he canceled the graduation ceremony and ordered the school's senior class to stay home the last six days of school.

"They have to learn self-control," said Lighthouse Christian Academy Principal Luke Pearson.

Early last Thursday, seven of the school's eight seniors sneaked into the school and pulled off their prank. They even replaced the desk in Pearson's office with a child-sized version.

Some parents and students said the punishment was too harsh.

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