Speak Out 5/11/10

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Positive results

FROM tax breaks for small business to young adults with children, the new health care bill is already being shown to have positive results. As a result, I humbly beseech all Missourians (politicians or otherwise) to drop efforts to end or interfere with its implementation in Missouri.

Street soccer

I used to think soccer was boring to watch. However, the version that I see them playing near the Arena Building is much more exciting because of the dodging and weaving necessitated by the fact that it's being played in the streets.

Flood coverage

THE Nashville region has had unbelievable flood damage, and so many people have lost everything. The people are not complaining and whining. They are helping one another to rebuild and are making every attempt to get their lives back to normal. The national media have not covered this disaster like they should have.

Help for homeless

IN response to the story "New homeless shelter operates at temporary location in Gordonville": I think it is great that someone cares about our homeless. Why do people think they are killers or something like that? Most people who are homeless don't choose to be that way. They are down and out. If you think about our jobless rate, you will see why so many people are homeless and need this help. I say thank God for all that is being done.

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