Speak Out 5/9/10

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tanning tax

I was just reading the story about the tanning tax of 10 percent. I think it's ridiculous. If we're going to tax tanning, why don't we tax everybody who works out in the sun? I hope you are happy with the president.

Traffic snarl

I'M curious to know why the Missouri Department of Transportation decided to close U.S. 61 north of Shawneetown, route all the traffic over to Interstate 55, and then decided to close lanes on I-55, causing more problems.

Speed patrol

SOMEONE complained about the traffic patrols between Cape Girardeau and Jackson. I thank my lucky stars every time I see those police officers. Offenders have been clocked going 110 mph, and I surely wouldn't want my grandchildren or children trying to merge into traffic when some reckless driver is clocked at 110 mph. Be glad we have our police officers.

Church home

I was so happy to see the church that was turned into a home in Jackson. We were so happy to know that it wasn't torn down and that someone had renovated it into a home, which is beautiful. But it was not a Baptist church. It was St. John's African Methodist Episcopal Church. We were so happy to see it is still standing.

Sharing wealth

JESUS teaches us how we should share our wealth, as we are just passing through this world. When 1 percent in the United States own more financial wealth than the bottom 95 percent, it makes me feel like there is a gross injustice. Some people have forgotten their Christian heritage.

Showing ID

I was born in the United States. I show my ID when asked and think nothing of it. We cannot support all the illegals on American tax money. There's a recession, and the people of the United States are hurting. Why should we give illegals benefits that should go to citizens of the United States who pay taxes?

Caring for widow

I know a woman who's 90 years old. She's getting around just fine. She's a widow. A pipe broke under her house. The estimate to repair the pipe was $2,000 to $3,000. The woman didn't have the money. Chuck Meyer at Meyer Supply Co. donated all the parts and gave a great deal to Floyd Penny, who worked underneath the house for 3 1/2 days and fixed everything. He wouldn't take any money. He said, "She's a widow, and she should be taken care of. That's what the church is supposed to do." This is awesome. I just want these two people to be noticed. This woman can move back into her home and have running water and not have to worry about living with other people. Thank you.

School interests

LET me see if I have this right. First the Cape Girardeau School Board votes unanimously for a bond proposal to improve public schools. Then a board member who voted for the proposal comes out publicly in the paper against the issue two weeks before the election. Then the board elects the same board member who went against the board's decision as the president of the board. Now, not two weeks later, he shows up in a paid ad for Notre Dame Regional High School. How is this in the best interest of our public schools?

VA health care

I agree that the VA care is good in this area. My only complaint is understanding the doctor. He is a nice man, but his English is not easy to understand. And how come VA Hospitals are in such bad shape? They look like they're about to fall apart. We veterans deserve better hospitals.

Roads and trash

SOME people dump trash out of their vehicles, but the majority of it is coming from trash trucks.

Watchful cameras

I am in favor of surveillance cameras like New York has. They've saved a lot of lives. I'm not worried about the government seeing everything I do. I don't do anything I shouldn't. I'm for the surveillance cameras everywhere we can put them.

Tougher laws

FOR those who think Arizona's immigration law is too harsh, take a look at Mexico's immigration laws. It is a felony to be an illegal immigrant in Mexico. Even a person who unknowingly assists an illegal immigrant in Mexico can be jailed. Mexico deports more people annually for being an illegal than the U.S. does.

Border incentive

THE only thing the Arizona immigration law does is empower law enforcement officers in the state to enforce a federal law that already exists. There are those who do not seem to have any trouble with deporting illegals from Germany, France, Britain, South Africa or any other country except Mexico. Why are they special? Their presence here is just as illegal as the al-Qaida operatives from Sept. 11.

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