Cape school foundation presents $6,000 in grants for new programs

Friday, May 7, 2010

Seven people in the Cape Girardeau School District received $6,097 in funding to implement new programs at their schools. The Cape Girardeau Public Schools Foundation awarded six grants to educators during surprise visits to their classroom Thursday.

* Julia Jorgensen, the librarian at Central High School, received a $2,991 grant to implement a program with author and illustrator Charles R. Smith Jr. Writing and photography students will work together on projects to present to Smith.

* Joanie Heuring and Yvonne Campbell at Jefferson Elementary received $862 to work with students to use props to re-enact stories.

* Pat Johnson at Central High School will use an $842 grant to use infant simulators to educate students about the consequences of shaking babies and young children.

* Mary Richards at the Alternative Education Center received $800 to introduce at-risk students to an outdoor education center. Students will complete activities that challenge and build self-esteem.

* Emily Goode at Central Junior High School received a $402 grant to institute an after-school math club.

* Amber Prasanphanich at the Alternative Education Center received $200 to create child care station to teach students how to care for infants.

Pertinent address:

301 N. Clark Ave., Cape Girardeau, MO

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