Speak Out 5/7/10

Friday, May 7, 2010

Excellent care

My wife had triple-bypass open-heart surgery in 2004, and she has lived a good life because of excellent health care. I had hernia surgery a year ago and was able to do anything I wanted to do after two weeks because of excellent health care. I had a stroke and fully recovered after 24 hours in the hospital because of excellent health care. If we would have had Obamacare, we would now be buried in potter's field.

No positive effect

I'D like to keep it as well, but in all honesty DARE is one of those feel-good programs that statistics show has no positive effect.

Bad judgment

I am both saddened and appalled that the Cape Girardeau School Board president, Paul Nenninger, would put himself in the position of spokesman for the recruitment of students for Notre Dame Regional High School. This man is obviously confused as to where his loyalties lie. I am appalled that this man, who has accepted the role of school board president, would have the incredibly bad judgment to appear in local advertising as a recruiter for another high school.

Wrong comment

The insidious implication of a recent comment to the effect that church-going people are more likely to oppose a gambling casino in Cape Girardeau was condescending, sanctimonious and wrong.

Postal reform

I am a postal worker, and I am grateful for my job every day. The main problem lies within unions. Although they negotiate our excellent wages and benefits, they tie the hands of management. They make it impossible to discipline or fire workers. We have people who show up once or twice a month who cannot be touched. On the other hand, we also have inexperienced management from top to bottom. We need some kind of postal reform that looks at the actual operations and inner workings as opposed to five-day delivery.

Checking up

DEMOCRATS want the IRS to be able to see if you have health insurance, but they're against checking on illegal aliens. This is hypocrisy.

Relay for Life

MY family and I attended the Cape Girardeau County Relay for Life fundraiser Saturday. I would like to thank the committee that planned the relay and did all the hard work. We had a wonderful time and can't wait for next year's relay. As a cancer survivor, I enjoyed the luncheon with the delicious meal and all the great programs. The Mr. Relay contest was hilarious. The entertainment on stage was very good. The luminary ceremony was very moving and special for us survivors.

No shoes ...

THIS is to parents who think signs posted on store windows don't apply to them or their children. I was in a checkout lane. The woman ahead of me had her little boy with her. He was barefoot and was running around the store grabbing things. There are signs that say "No shoes, no shirt, no service." The mother was not monitoring the child's behavior.

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