Speak Out 5/25/05

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Need new lines

THE CITY needs to paint the street-divider lines on Broadway from Perry Avenue to Kingshighway. I saw a woman drive down the center of the two lanes. It certainly would help if the city would get the divider lines fixed.

Obstructed view

AS I was going to Cape Girardeau, I was behind a person who decided to empty his soda can or beer can, and it landed on my windshield and the front of my car. I had to turn my wipers on and wash it off.

Street safety

CHILDREN WHO play in the street or beside the street are more likely be run over. They could be run over by a slow-moving vehicle, not one that is speeding. Keep children away from the street and out of the street.

Wonderful article

THE ARTICLE Steven Bender wrote in The Best Years about Trinity Lutheran Church in Egypt Mills was wonderful. I'm sure a lot of people who go to that church, including myself, feel the same way about our church that's been a part of our community and our lives for all these years.

Not so simple

FOR THOSE who simplify the problem of how people can become independent of government help in this country: With a minimum-wage, full-time job , an employee's take-home pay would average less than $700 a month. Deduct at least $300 a month for rent and $125 for utilities. No health benefits, no vacation, no sick days, possibly no vehicle (how could you afford insurance?). One doctor's visit, including necessary prescriptions, would cost more than that employee's spendable income. This is what thousands are dealing with just to keep body and soul together, with little hope of ever doing much better. Do not keep telling us that everything would be OK if only everyone just went to work.

Great show coming

I HAVE been a major supporter of the arts in Cape Girardeau for a long time. I have attended university events and high school productions as well as patronizing many local businesses that encourage music in the area. Nothing made me happier than to hear that the local community theater group, the River City Players, was preparing for a fun musical review to be performed several times in June. I was in Port Cape the other evening and heard music coming from upstairs. I was pleasantly surprised that the music was coming from a very energetic group of young adults. They are getting ready to put on one heck of a show. Anyone who misses this will be very sorry. I was so impressed with the rehearsal that I went down and made reservations for opening night.

Great graduation

NOT EVERY day do you get to see all of your best friends graduate. I got to do so Thursday at Jackson High School's graduation at the Show Me Center. The commencement was absolutely beautiful, and I have a special comment for Coach Hecht, whose speech was without a doubt the most beautiful thing I have ever heard at a graduation. It brought tears to my eyes and a special glow to my heart, especially the message to Jason. A tribute to him could not have been any more touching than the one Coach Hecht gave. Thanks so much. And congratulations to all of the seniors.

Helping the Iraqis

I AM currently deployed to Iraq. I also am working with the new government here. I read the Southeast Missourian every day. I see what good we are doing. I see how thankful the Iraqis are. I also see the results of the insurgents. The good outweighs the bad. The media always publish the bad because that is what sells, not the good. So before you criticize the war, make sure you know the whole story. The only way to get it is to come over here and see the schools, water treatment plants and restored electricity to small villages. We are doing good for the Iraqis.

Basis for opinion

IF YOU want to protest the global war on terrorism, please feel free to do so. I, in turn, will feel free to offer an opposing view. The difference between you and me is that I've served in Iraq, so I have a basis for my opinion while you have only conjecture and the media from which to form your opinion.

Time to vote

THE U.S. Constitution requires the president to appoint federal judges with the advice and consent of the Senate. It does not call for approval by more than half of the Senate, like it does for treaties. President Bush has appointed judges, and the Senate should vote on them.

Serious about laws

THE MESSAGE the high incarceration rate tells the world is that we are serious about our laws and that you will be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced if you are found guilty of breaking our law. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks?

Great follow-up

I WOULD like to comment on the "Lessons learned" story about the kindergarten and freshman students. What a great follow-up article of these two young women growing up in life and how experiences affect us in our daily routines. Callie Clark Miller should be commended for such a great article, and it sounds like Mrs. Wachter is one of the Heartland's best teachers. Randa Norman and Kristin Yetman are great students and have had a great 175 days.

Out of control

THE 100-MILE yard sale is the most irritating of all yard sales. The size of it is out of control. I'm waiting for somebody to get killed. It's time that the state or counties disallow this event. It's going to take me forever to drive to Kennett next weekend.

A Briefs Poem

The photo of Saddam Hussein

In his underwear

Is causing some a lot of pain.

At least he wasn't bare.

Road needs repaving

I CAN'T believe that County Road 318 is not on the list for asphalt repaving this year. We have lived out here for 15 years and owned land out here for 26 years. The county has never repaved it. All the county does is patch, patch, patch, but our taxes keep going up and our land values also. Part of County Road 318 was paved last year, but a section wasn't completed because of the dispute with Jackson.

Bending the facts

THE BUSH administration can try to blame the intelligence sector all it wants about Iraq, but there were too many people telling the administration that the evidence did not support the invasion. The administration can't brainwash everyone into thinking it wasn't a deliberate decision on its part to start the war and bent the information to fit what it wanted it to say.

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