Hillcrest residents to spend weekend without water

Sunday, May 2, 2010

About 220 homes in the Hillcrest Subdivision, west of Cape Girardeau, remain without water as the result of a broken well pump. It could be Tuesday before water service is available again.

Bobby Brandon of Brandco Investments, LLC, which owns the water utility serving the neighborhood, said he's contacted Grantham Drilling Company of Perryville to come repair the pump.

"They will not work during high winds and stormlike conditions forecast this weekend," Brandon said, adding that Grantham is the only company in the region with the equipment capable of reaching the three-year-old well pump located 450 feet underground.

Brandon isn't certain what caused the pump to fail, but said Ameren UE was working to repair a transformer on Route K Thursday and in the process the power was shut off and on several times.

Mike Cleary, spokesman for Ameren UE, confirmed that crews were working along Route K on Thursday in response to weather related issues.

"The winds caused the power lines to slap together resulting in temporary outages," Cleary said.

Residents received a written notice at their homes Friday that the pump will not be repaired until "at least" Tuesday.

"I find this to be an outrage," said Hillcrest resident Amanda Kirn, a mother of three children, who lives on Alpine Drive. "How does he (Brandon) expect me to feed, bathe and take care of my children while we have no water?"

Kirn says this is the third time her water service has been out this year.

According to Brandon, once water service is restored, the area will be under a boil water order.

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