Speak Out 5/2/10

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thanks, Arizona

THANK you, Arizona, for doing what the federal government is failing to do. I will spend my vacation money in your state this summer.

Welcome, elections

NOVEMBER 2010 and 2012 can't get here soon enough. Hope and change had their chance. It's time to get back to reality.

Those atrocities

IF rendition, torture, domestic spying and the Iraq war are wrong, then President Obama needn't wait to end these atrocities. However, most intelligent people realize that the aforementioned were only atrocities in the eyes of Democrats when they were being perpetuated by a Republican.

Maintain gravel roads

I do not want my road blacktopped as do many county residents. Start hauling gravel, grading and mowing our roads. In other words, start maintaining our gravel roads. Stop saving back the money and giving it to the select few who want blacktop.

We understand

A Goldman Sachs profiteer named Fabrice Tourre claimed in testimony that the average American doesn't understand the sophisticated financial instruments with which he deals. Fabrice can make fun of the intelligence of the American people if he wants, but I think the average American perfectly understands the nature of those who make huge amounts of money by betting that other Americans will fail in their quest to live the American dream.

Support for reform

RIGHT on. I hope Republicans take David Limbaugh's advice and keep railing against Wall Street reform -- reform being something two-thirds of the American people support.

Here's one

IN criticizing a market system where the competitors are required to play by certain rules, David Limbaugh wrote, "Please tell me one capitalist who believes that a free market is synonymous with a license to steal." OK. Bernie Madoff.

Student voting

IF the voice of students doesn't matter, why should they have to pay taxes here? They generate revenue for the city, so why can't they have a say in the political structure of the city?

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