Parker questions Emerson's ties to Unions

Bob Parker, Republican candidate for US congress in Missouri's 8th district that will face off with 14 year incumbent Jo Ann Emerson in the August 3, Republican primary, has raised questions about Emerson's ties to labor unions. Parker raises the question, ''Is it ethical to be married to a registered Union Lobbyist that is on the payroll of the AFL-CIO, who directly lobbies Congress for legislation and programs that will directly benefit the labor unions? It may be legal, but is it ethical and do the people of Missouri want their representative in Congress to have these kinds of financial ties to the Unions. How many millions in earmarks and bills supported by Emerson have filled the coffers of the Unions? Her husband is directly paid by the Unions.''

Parker says most people are unaware of the fact that Emerson is married to longtime union lobbyist Democrat Ronald C. Gladney.

Parker also goes on, ''Another issue that concerns the people of Southern Missouri is the fact the Emerson refuses to debate me about this and other issues. Several organizations have tried to put together a primary debate between me and Mrs. Emerson but they have been stonewalled by Emerson. What is she afraid of? If she is proud of her bailout votes and earmarks, let her tell her constituents why she is? I just could never find any authorization for most of that in the US Constitution. Emerson's earmark last year for the socialist Social justice organization is particularly disturbing to me, I think the voters need to hear all about these issues.''

In a recent letter sent out by Team Emerson, it states that Emerson is trying to clear up misrepresentations. Parker,'' I don't question any of the statements on the following Emerson letter and never have. I would like a clarification of what Emerson is talking about here and who is she saying is making these misrepresentations. I have had many people ask me if it is about me, and I would like the confusion cleared up. It seems kind of funny that I am in a primary race against someone making all of these accusations but never names names. It is a great strategy by the professionals on Team Emerson, you throw mud all over everyone that way.''

Parker also states that the Missouri Republican party Chairman Lloyd Smith refuses to give any information to him from the ''voter vault'' that contains phone numbers and addresses of Republican voters. Parker, ''you find out pretty quickly that things are all in favor of the incumbent. Just look at the recent poll released by Republican party chair Lloyd Smith. It was a poll between Mrs. Emerson and Tommy Sowers paid for by Emerson''. The release stated;

"A poll sponsored by U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson's re-election campaign [which] shows the seven-term incumbent holds a commanding lead over Democratic rival Tommy Sowers and that associating Sowers with the policies of President Barack Obama could damage his campaign.

The poll of 400 Eighth Congressional District voters, conducted this week by American Viewpoint, showed 71 percent of respondents preferred Emerson, R-Cape Girardeau while 18 percent chose Sowers, with 10 percent undecided. Emerson had a 71 percent favorable rating, a 73 percent approval rating, and only 17 percent of voters have an unfavorable opinion, according to a memo detailing the poll results."

The article continues:

The poll was released today by Lloyd Smith, executive director of the Missouri Republican Party and former chief of staff for Emerson.

Contrast/reconcile this with the Missouri Republican State Committee's bylaws, Article II/Organization and Objectives, Section 2/Objectives, paragraph b:

To foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its principles and

candidates in all elections.

Parker explains, ''how can the Missouri Republican party issue poll results that does not include all the Republican candidates? Their bylaws clearly say it should promote it's ''candidates''. That is plural Lloyd. Would they release one from me that just has me and Tommy Sowers in it, I don't think so? It seems the Republican party continues to do the same things that have disenfranchised their conservative base for several years now, by picking and promoting candidates from the top down instead of from the people up. I know I am getting tired of the ''chosen'' candidates losing elections.''

''All I ask for is fairness and an equal shake. That is all anyone is asking for, fairness. Is the Republican leadership so out of touch with the people that they don't understand fairness anymore?''

Parker continues on more misinformation by Emerson, ''In an earlier release Emerson also mentioned that her ''opponent'' was in favor of the Obama health care bill. As Mrs. Emerson's opponent in the August primary that has said repeatedly that we should repeal the Obama health care bill, I believe Mrs. Emerson should clarify what and whom she is talking about. She has referred to me as her opponent in speeches before, I want this kind of misinformation to the voters in the 8th district corrected.''

Note from the Emerson release;

With all of the misinformation going around I just wanted to make sure you had the facts to set the record straight.

Below is a letter that was signed by five well respected conservatives throughout the 8th Congressional District.

- Jo Ann Emerson

The Letters content is on Emerson's latest Campaign update. And so it goes...