Sowers' problem with the facts

"Her opponent is a full-time candidate who can fly to New York or Los Angeles for fundraisers every week if he wants to," read my quote in the Missourian on April 18. In a paid election letter by Tommy Sowers on April 22, he wrote, "Jo Ann Emerson spokesman Jeff Connor was quoted as saying that I have made trips to both coasts for fundraisers." Clearly I was not.

Mr. Sowers' letter goes on to cite two events he claims Jo Ann Emerson attended while Congress was in session that week -- false on both counts. The letter, titled "Sowers: A fact-based campaign" (which is available at the Missourian online), even carries an editor's note stating, "Information in the letter below is inaccurate." I couldn't make that up -- and I wouldn't.

Whether he admits to his out-of-state fundraising efforts or not -- Sowers cannot dispute that his campaign coffers are loaded with tens of thousands of dollars from Hollywood bigshots and Wall Street bankers intended to buy the 8th District for liberal interests in an effort to save Nancy Pelosi's majority in Congress. Last quarter he reported barely three dozen contributors from the 8th District of Missouri to Jo Ann's nearly 500. Accordingly, polling has Emerson beating Sowers 72-18 in the 8th.

The bare facts are these: (1) credibility is the least of Mr. Sowers' concerns as he will say anything to get the attention of 8th District voters and (2) his antics are not getting their attention in a positive way.

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