Speak Out 4/29/10

Tax revenue

MISSOURI officials have been cutting budgets for the past 15 months. At a time when our state needs revenue badly, an appliance sales tax exemption was allowed for a few days. Millions of dollars is owed to the state by some businesses that have not paid their sales tax contributions that they had already collected from consumers, and some of these businesses' sales-tax licenses have been revoked, but they are allowed to keep operating. This is disturbing, especially at a time when the state continues to cut education funding and other vital services.

Limit smoking

REGARDING smoking in drive-through lines: I too am limited on jobs because of others' smoking. I hope Cape Girardeau will go smoke-free in all public businesses and around doors and drive-up windows.

Oak Ridge prom

OAK Ridge High School's prom was nice and fun. I heard lots of great comments. I want Oak Ridge to know what a fantastic job the senior class of 2011 did on the decorations. They were the best that I have seen so far. Great job, and keep it up, Oak Ridge.

It's relative

AS Albert Einstein and others have pointed out, time is relative. Cape Girardeau's downtown clock illustrates this fact and may help motivate us to investigate further Einstein's theory of relativity. Thus there is absolutely no need to reset it.

Mental challenge

PLEASE quit using the phrase mentally handicapped. The correct phrase is mentally challenged. A more extreme viewpoint is that there is no such thing as mental illness. In a the book, "The Myth of Mental Illness," Dr. Thomas Szasz argues that what we call mental illness is really a way some people have of adjusting to an insane society.

Double digging

ABOUT 12 months ago, those of us who live west of Jackson had our yards torn up by highway crews. The workers filled the dirt back in and planted grass. Now somebody's digging up the same area to lay down cable. Why in the world wasn't the cable laid back when this was already dug up? It would have saved a lot of work.